Is My Property Suitable?

All property can be rented, but if you want to obtain good rental incomes, your property should have a modern kitchen, modern bathroom, and modern fittings. It should also have decent air conditioning in each room, and neutral, but tasteful decoration throughout.

How Much Rent Can I Expect?

Every property is different, but if your property is up to modern standards and well maintained, we can help you maximise it´s rental potential. We advertise worldwide, and offer a number of valuable services to our clients, meaning your property will rent quickly and to the best tenants.

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What Are My Obligations?

• Insurance of building and its contents.

• Community/Club fees.

• Property and income taxes and local rates.

• All replacements and repairs.

• Supply and maintenance of fire safety equipment.

How Much Tax Will I Pay?

If you let your Spanish property out, you are required by law to pay Spanish tax, and not the country where the income is received. Although enforcing payment of tax is difficult for authorities, there are fines of up to 6,000 € for offenders. Let our legal and accounting partners advise you on the best way forward.


Costs include cleaning between and during lets (short-term); Laundry of Household Linen (short-term); Garden and Pool Maintenance; Maintenance of Appliances; Replacement of Damaged or Soiled Items; Insurance and Utility Bills (short-term) (electricity bills can be high if your property has air-conditioning or electric heating).

Rental Contracts

Short term rental contracts are generally quite simple. They contain both Parties Details; Property Description; Inventory; and the Time and Date of Arrival / Departure. Long-term rental contracts exceed one year in duration. A domestic property rental contract is an ´arriendo de vivienda´. They are generally renewable by the tenant for 5 years - unless specifically noted in the contract.