Eat Well for Less: The Cheapest Michelin Starred Restaurants in Spain

Spain is famed for its excellent cuisine and wide range of delicious dishes, prepared by chefs of all levels. From hearty homecooked stews and quick street eats to fine fair, you’re sure of a tasty meal when you eat in Spain. But if you’re looking for guaranteed quality and dishes that you’ll never forget then you want a Michelin-starred restaurant.

There are many Michelin-starred restaurants located throughout Spain, and the price brackets for these varies wildly. Some are in the ‘once in a lifetime’ price bracket, but the good news is that Spain is also home to some of the most affordable Michelin starred restaurants in Europe. This comes with a caveat: these restaurants are usually only at the affordable end of the scale if you visit at the right time of the day (usually lunchtime) and you know which dishes to order. Usually the a la carte menu, or a shorter (and therefore less expensive) version of the taster menu will be the right choice for you here.

Here is a comprehensive list of the most affordable Michelin starred restaurants in Spain, including what to order to ensure that you’re bill at the end of your delicious meal doesn’t make your eyes water!

Chiron, Valdemoro

Valdemoro is a suburb of Madrid, and it is well worth visiting for the food alone: there is nowhere else in Madrid (and very few places in Spain!) where you can enjoy Michelin-starred quality dining for less than 30 euros a head. In order to secure this incredibly affordable offer, visit the restaurant at lunchtime between Tuesday and Friday, and order the six-course executive menu. This will cost 29.95, excluding wine. The dishes included on the executive menu are changed regularly, but expect Madrileño chef Iván Muñoz to serve his trademark innovative dishes using locally sourced ingredients.

Xerta, Barcelona

If you’re in Barcelona then it is possible to enjoy delicious, Michelin-starred dishes for just 45 euros. Xerta is the restaurant within the Ohla hotel and it offers both a restaurant and a more informal tapas bar. To enjoy a full meal for 45 euros you should order the Menú Ejecutivo. This is a three-course set menu and also includes wine and mini sweets. If you’re looking for something a little lighter then the a la carte menu is also affordable, with individual dishes starting from much less than 45 euros. You’ll be truly spoilt for choice! 

Silabario, Vigo

If you’re a fan of seafood then this Galician restaurant in Vigo is perhaps the best restaurant on this list! Local chef Alberto González creates his dishes with traditional Gallego seafood, fresh from the Atlantic Ocean, in mind. The restaurant offers three tasting menus but the Berbes menu is the most affordable at 27 euros for three courses, with wine excluded.

Adrián Quetglas, Palma de Mallorca

Names for the Argentine chef in control of the kitchen, this restaurants is perhaps most well known for the presentation of its dishes, as well as their unique and delicious taste. Each plate looks like a work of art. To experience this at affordable prices, visit at lunchtime from Tuesday to Friday and order the tasting menu. Priced at 45 euros you will enjoy five courses, all produced using locally sourced ingredients.

Coto de Quevedo, Torre de Juan de Abad

Not content with just one Michelin star, this traditional Manchegan restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars. Here you will find traditional dishes with a modern twist. Avoid the tasting menus if you’re on a budget and instead look to the a la carte menu, which features dishes starting from just 20 euros per plate.

Garena Jatetxea, Lamindao

The only place in the world with more Michelin starred restaurants than the Basque country is Kyoto in Japan. Of all of the Basque Country’s Michelin starred restaurants, Garena Jatetxea is the cheapest. You can dine here for just 45 euros per head from Monday to Friday and enjoy fresh and simple ingredients cooked well. The 45 euro menu de Mercado comprises six beautifully presented courses.

MU.NA, Ponferrada

If you’re in Castilla y Leon then head to MU.NA for affordable Michelin-starred eats. Whilst the tasting menus here can be expensive, if you order main dishes from the a la carte menu, it is still possible to eat for under 30 euros per person. Dishes such as the sea bass, or the deer with truffle  and leek, are as delicious as they are affordable, and are well worth exploring. It’s worth noting that this restaurant only opens from Wednesday to Sunday, so arrange your visit accordingly.

Versátil, Zarza de Granadilla

Located in Extremadura, this fun restaurant is owned by the three Hernandez Talaván brothers and boasts two different, and unique, dining areas. If you’re on a budget, then choose the bodega area. Here you can get a hearty Michelin starred main meal for between 20 and 25 euros per head.

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