Easy Ways to Safely Maintain Your Swimming Pool in Spain

Let's face it -- living in Spain is always just a little bit better when you have a pool. 

Going to the pool is flat out part of the culture in Madrid, and if you own a piece of property, there's nothing like taking a swim after a long day of work or to enjoy the summer sunshine. Owning a pool improves your property value and makes you love where you live. 

However, owning a pool comes with responsibility as well. To learn more about taking care of your swimming pool, consider the following points. 

1. Learn to Test the Swimming Pool pH

The water chemistry in your swimming pool is everything. 

The pH scale runs from 0 to 14. On this scale, 7 is considered neutral. Anything below 7 is more acidic, while another above 7 is more basic. In a pool, you will want the pH to be as close to a 7.4 as possible. 

The only way to know this is to test the pH levels. A lot of people use pH strips or other devices to get a clear representation of where their water stands. 

2. Watch Out For Algae and Other Growths

Since the pool is its own ecosystem, growths are common. 

Most common among these is algae. Algae will build up along the bottom, side, and edges of your pool if left unchecked. Because of this, you need to have a regular cleaning process for your pool that will help you out in this regard. 

The better you stay on top of this cleaning schedule, the easier it is to enjoy a dip in the pool without it irritating your skin. Keeping the pool clean will also make your pool attractive, rather than an eyesore. 

3. Maintain Balance With Your Chlorine Use

The chlorine that you use in a pool is a tricky balance. 

When you have too much, it can be irritating and burn your eyes. When you have too little, your pool isn't getting as clean as it needs to be. 

You will also need to choose a chlorine product that works best for your pool, which requires you to shop around. 

4. Hire the Help of a Pool Maintenance Contractor

The best step you can take is to have help from a swimming pool contractor that knows their stuff and is prompt in responding to you. 

These pool maintenance professionals can help you with house calls in an emergency or with preventative care. By having their contact info handy when you need it, you will be better able to get assistance with any pool issue. 

Get the Swimming Pool Maintenance That You Need

As a person who lives in Spain that just wants the best for their swimming pool, these tips will be useful. Make sure that you take time out to get the care that will make your pool sparkle with cleanliness. 

This way, it'll be easy for you to own and a boost for your household. 

For more info on living in Spain and taking care of your property, check out our posts and contact us if you have further questions.