Buying a property in Spain? You´re not alone.  Despite concerns with Brexit, Spain continues to be the most desired destination for Brits either seeking a Spanish holiday home or somewhere to live on a full-time basis.

So this is why we have produced a concise guide for your move to Spain which guides you through the buying process & gives details of "Buyers Discounts" only available to Right Casa Clients. 

Researched by professionals and completely free to download, our guide examines:


  • How Right Casa can guide you through the "Buying Process"
  • Buying Process explained including added costs you may face.
  • Discount Incentives for Right Casa Clients giving you large discounts with local companies.
  • What to expect from your Spanish lawyer, how to obtain a mortgage in Spain, property investments and tax considerations – plus more
  • Information on how to save money on your currency transfer when finally buying that much desired Spanish home


Become a Right Casa client and receive our exclusive discount card, entitling you to fantastic discounts across the Costa Del Sol.

To grab your copy of our Spanish property buying guide, all you need to do is fill out the form on the right-hand side of your screen.

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