Living In Coin

Coin is a small town with a population of 22,000. Of this figure, around 13% are ex pats, which means that Coin has a relatively sizeable ex pat population and it’s easy to see why. Coin is a beautiful town that is relatively untouched by tourism compared to the Costa del Sol’s coastal towns, and it boasts excellent transport links that make it easy to reach the coast, larger cities, or Malaga airport.

Coin town centre is small but perfectly formed: it is easy to travel around on foot and boasts excellent amenities as well as rich history that is well worth exploration. It is impossible to write about Coin without mentioning its smell: known as the town of 300 orchards, it is surrounded by orchards where you will see and enjoy the scent of oranges, lemons, olives, and almonds.

Where Is Coin?

Coin is an inland town that sits at the foot of the Sierra de Mijas mountains in the heart of Andalusia. The town is just 35km away from Malaga airport and 30km away from Marbella. Coin is a charming town that is popular with ex-pats thanks to its unique location and picturesque views.

One of the most common questions asked when potential homeowners look at properties in Coin is ‘How far is Coin from the beach?’ The answer is that Coin is just a short 20-minute drive from the coastal town of Marbella, meaning that you can have all the fun of a day at the seaside whist escaping the tourism that typically accompanies traditional Costa del Sol coastal resorts. Unlike many of the most popular ex-pat locations on the Costa del Sol, Coin does not boast direct access to the coast. Instead, it boasts incredible mountain views that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Climate In Coin

The climate in Coin is similar to that of the rest of the Costa del Sol, so you can expect plenty of sun throughout the year. Costa del Sol translates to ‘coast of the sun’ thanks to their 325 sunny days each year. However, the climate in Coin differs slightly from the coastal parts of the region because the the frequent breeze coming from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea coupled with the mountainous location means that the temperatures and humidity of the height of the summer feel much more manageable in Coin than in elsewhere in the Costa del Sol.

Things to do in Coin, Spain

Coin offers so much to see and do for its residents. From excellent leisure facilities to shopping centres, bars and restaurants, this traditionally agricultural town is often called ‘Green Coin’ thanks to its abundance of green spaces.

Golf fans are attracted to the town thanks to its excellent, highly-regarded private golf courses. Meanwhile the natural pine trees, water falls and streams that surround the town are popular places to walk, explore and picnic. Each Sunday, a second-hand rastro market is held in the covered car park and this attracts both buyers and sellers from across the Costa del Sol.

Restaurants in Coin, Spain

It doesn’t matter what kind of cuisine you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it in Coin. Of course, the town boasts an abundance of traditional Spanish restaurants and tapas bars, but you’ll also find Italian, Indian, Chinese and even English restaurants in Coin. Restaurants of particular note include La Bohema and Mirmonte.

Schools In Coin

If you’re considering moving to Coin with your young family, then you’ll be interested to know that the town boasts six primary schools, and two secondary schools, giving you plenty of choice on where to send your children. If you would prefer to choose an international school, rather than a Spanish public school, then there are two highly regarded international schools (International school of Sunlands or Saint Michaels) that are just under a 30-minute drive away from Coin.

Families will also be pleased to find a host of parks and playgrounds in the town that make it a popular destination for Spanish families and ex pat families alike.

Amenities In Coin

Coin is home to a large shopping centre called CC La Troucha which has brought a huge wealth of amenities to the area. It houses a supermarket and a variety of retail outlets, several cafes, a cinema, and a gym that also includes a spa and a swimming pool. In terms of supermarkets, there are plenty of options in coin as well as smaller local food outlets and corner stores.

If you’re sporty and keen to keep as active as possible then you’ll be pleased to know that Coin council provides a wide range of sports and leisure facilities. The Coin football ground offers football facilities, whilst the El Rodeo runs a wide range of other sporting classes and activities, from aerobics to basketball. Coin also has a council run indoor and outdoor swimming pool.

On a more practical note, the Coin medical centre offers 24 hour emergency care facilities meeting a wide range of health care needs, and there are also a number of private dentists available in the town.