What Is Benalmadena Like ?

Benalmadena is a lively and popular resort town, and is considered to be one of the most prominent resorts of the Costa del Sol. Benalmadena is a town of many aspects: you will find a lively coastal resort feel alongside a more high-end marina, and a traditional Andalusian village lifestyle alongside rapidly growing developments. Despite it’s many elements, Benalmadena is a town where each aspect works in harmony. The town is well spread out, meaning that it never feels too crowded, but if you want to be in the heart of the action then there are always places to go and people to see.

Expat Life In Benalmadena

Benalmadena is a wonderful and popular place for expats to live, meaning that there is already a well-established and welcoming ex pat community in the area. The lifestyle you can expect to find as an expat in Benalmadena will depend on whether you choose to buy property in Benalmadena Pueblo or Benalmadena Costa.

Benalmadena Pueblo is the old town segment of the municipality and is popular with ex pats that want to enjoy a slower pace of life and an authentic Spanish experience. Benalmadena Pueblo offers a closer replication of what life was like in Spain before tourism took hold, when much of the Costa del Sol was populated by small fishing villages.

By contrast, if you prefer a bustling and busy lifestyle where there’s always something to do then expat life in Benalmadena Costa may suit you better. This offers an example of typical ‘sun, sea and sangria’ ex pat life. There are plenty of activities and amenities here, and the wealth of excellent bars and restaurants too.

Regardless of which part of Benalmadena you choose, there is plenty to entice ex pats here. World class leisure facilities, an abundance of medical facilities, including dental practices and emergency rooms, large supermarkets, and excellent transport links. It is this practical aspect of ex pat life that attracts so many people to Benalmadena.

What’s The Climate Like ?

Like most of the Costa del Sol, Benalmadena benefits from year-round sun, punctuated by hot summers and mild winters. Daytime temperatures during the winter months rarely drop below 17 degrees, although nighttime temperatures can be cooler. During the summer, residents can enjoy long and hot sunny days, but the gentle breeze from the sea means that these high temperatures rarely feel too stifling. Visitors are particularly attracted by the warm sea temperatures in the summer months which make Benalmadena the perfect place to swim and cool down.

The wettest month in Benalmadena is November, with an average monthly rainfall of between 73 and 112 mm. But overall the climate here is very pleasant, which no doubt explains why Benalmadena attracts expats from countries with considerably colder and wetter winters!

Where Is Benalmadena Located ?

If you’ve visited the Costa del Sol before then you’ve probably already heard of Benalmadena, but you may be wondering exactly where it is. The municipality of Benalmadena is located 12 km to the west of Malaga, whilst the luxurious resort town of Marbella is 42 km to the east. One of the things that attracts ex pats to Benalmadena is its proximity to Malaga and the region's largest airport, which can be reached in under 20 minutes, making it ideal for residents hoping to visit their family and friends in their home country, or holiday homeowners that want to travel frequently and conveniently between two locations.

There are three main segments of the municipality of Benalmadena. These are Benalmadena Pueblo, Benalmadena Costa and Arroyo de la Miel. Visitors often ask what the main differences between these three areas are. The main one is that Benalmadena Costa is the coastal stretch of the resort, offering vast expanse of sandy beaches on your doorstep. For this reason, it can be busier and more expensive than other areas of the municipality. By contrast, Benalmadena Pueblo is quieter and has a more authentic, Spanish feel.

Things To Do in Benalmadena

Many people move to Benalmadena so that they can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches that the area boasts, but Benalmadena has so much more to offer to its visitors and its residents than just sand, sea and sun! If you choose to invest in property in Benalmadena Costa then you will find a beautiful park, the El Parque de la Paloma, in the centre of the town. This is a beautifully landscaped park which boasts an array of animal and plant life, both local and exotic. From Benalmadena Costa you can walk along the promenade to Puerto Marina, where you will find an excellent selection of shopping and dining options. This is also a popular place to be if you’re looking to enjoy a big night out.

Every Fridays locals and tourists alike gather to enjoy the popular Benalmadena market. This is hosted in the large Tivoli world (currently closed) car park, and visitors gather to meet, socialize, and buy a diverse spectrum of goods, ranging from fruits and vegetables to handbags and leather goods. Opposite Tivoli world is the cable car station. Every resident of Benalmadena should take the cable car at least once! You can take a cable car to the top of Mount Calamorro where you can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

One of the most popular things to do in Benalmadena is play golf. The resort boasts a number of golf courses, putting greens and driving ranges. Benalmadena Golf is home to a driving range, putting green and a straight forward 9 hole par three, whilst the nearest 18 hole course is Torrequebrada Golf, which offers a challenge to all levels of players.

Benalmadena Old Town

The old town of Benalmadena stretches up in the hills above the coastal area. This is one of the most charming parts of the town and it retains the charm of an Andalusian mountain village. Benalmadena Old Town has a long history, and was already occupied when Muslim troops invaded in the 11th century. Now it is a popular place to visitors to explore and for locals to visit for its many excellent bars and restaurants.