Baby Sitter Abroad: Your Guide to Hiring a Baby Sitter in Malaga, Spain

According to research, the average ratio for childcare in Spanish nurseries is a whopping 9:1 for caregivers to children. If you want your child to have good attention, you should look into hiring a baby sitter.

A good babysitter is passionate about working with children, will have many activities for your kids to do, and also become their new best friend. 

That being said, you need to make sure you are finding the right babysitter for your child, as being abroad can make things more difficult. Situations such as cultural differences, language discrepancy, and lack of discipline are all factors to keep in mind.

So the problem is, how do you find a great local babysitter for while you are in your second home in Malaga, Spain without running into any issues?

Keep on reading to learn how to find and interview a foreign babysitter, so you can enjoy yourselves for the evening without worrying about your children!

Babysitter Traits to Look For. 

Just because someone took their babysitter's course does not make them a great babysitter, there are some natural traits that you need to look for to ensure your child's happiness and safety.

  • Responsible- They must have common sense and put the child's needs before their own. Pay attention to how much they are using their phones when you first meet them.
  • Playful- Ask them what games they like to play, what crafts they like to do. They need to be able to keep your child entertained, especially if your child has a lot of energy.
  • Flexible- If you are an hour late from dinner, will they be ok with that? Check to see their level of flexibility.
  • Teacher- It is great if they can become a friend with your child, but it is more important that they become a mentor and tutor. What subjects and skills do they like to teach? How will they set a good example?
  • Trustworthy- Above all, trustworthy is most important. Do they have the ability to keep your child safe? 

Places to Find a Great Foreign Babysitter

Spain is a wonderful place to live, and there are many reasons why you should have your second home in Spain, do not let the fact that you have children stop you from enjoying life in Malaga!

Being in a foreign country can make it seem difficult to find a babysitter, however, if you follow these tips you will have no problem.

Ask the Locals

There is no one better to ask about babysitters than another parent. Try joining a fitness class at your local gym, then ask the mothers in the class who they use for a babysitter. You can also join an expats group on Facebook, as there are always people speaking of childcare there.

Find an Agency

Agencies may be more expensive, but you are ensured that the babysitter or nanny will have all qualifications and be insured. Companies like the International Nanny Association will have a lot of answers for you.

Hire a Student

Go to the local college or university and look for British students that are studying abroad. You can contact the administrative department of the school to ask for where the American students may be. 

This will give your child a sense of comfort and familiarity because they will relate to them better, especially since English will be their first language.

Learn More about Hiring a Baby Sitter Abroad

By following these tips, hiring a baby sitter abroad will be a much easier process. Be sure to check out more information about moving to Malaga Spain by checking out more articles on our blog such as why you should move to Malaga.

Happy Trails to you and enjoy your move!