Andalucia’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Crystal clear blue seas, sandy white beaches that stretch for miles, and of course the perfectly climate to enjoy them: It’s no wonder that Andalucia is home to some of the most renowned beaches not only in Spain, but in the world. Andalucia’s coastline stretches for an incredible 600 miles, and encompasses a huge variety of different terrains, ensuring that no matter what kind of beach you prefer, you’ll find them here.


With that in mind, here is our brief guide to some of Andalucia’s most beautiful beaches:

1.    Almeria’s Playa de Los Genoveses

Even if you’ve never visited Southern Spain before, it’s likely that you’ll recognise the Playa de Los Genoveses from some of your favourite Western films, including many of the Clint Eastwood classics, as they were filmed there. A million miles away from the traditional tourist traps you might associate with holidaying in Spain, Los Genoveses is a truly unspoilt beach that has been untouched by the consumerism of the people that visit it. You won’t find a bar, shop, or restaurant here (so pack a picnic). You won’t even find toilets: just miles and miles of beautiful sand dune and, of course, the sea. Los Genoveses is once visited, never forgotten, so add it to your bucket list!

2.   Malaga’s Playa La Malagueta

There are many great things about living in Malaga, but one of the best is that, when the sun is beating down on you and you need to escape the heat of the city, you’re never far away from the beach! One of our favourite beaches, not only in Malaga but in the whole of Andalucia, is the Playa La Malagueta. One of its main attractions is its location, just a ten minute walk away from Malaga’s port. Another draw is the excellent range of bars and restaurants that surround it. At just 0.6 miles long, the Playa La Malgueta is small, but perfectly formed!

3.   Cadiz’s Playa Zahara de los Atunes

Cadiz is famed across Spain for its beautiful beaches, which overlook the Atlantic Ocean.  The beaches here attract hundreds of celebrities, politicians, and other members of the great and the good every year, thanks to their crystal clear waters, which wouldn’t look out of place in the Carribean. Perhaps the best of Cadiz’s beaches is the Playa Zahara de los Atunes. Originally a fishing village, the beach resort stretches out over 6km and incorporates all the facilities you would expect from a modern beach resort: restaurants and bars, watersports, bathroom facilities and plenty of places to relax in the sun. There’s a reason why the Playa Zahara de los Atunes is so popular!

4.   Malaga’s Costa De Mijas

If you’re looking for the best place to take a swim then the Costa De Mijas is well worth consideration. You’ll find the best swimming beaches in the Costa Del Sol here, particularly in Calahonda, whose 2.5 mile long stretch of sand leads to some of the deepest and bluest swimming seas in Spain. Calahonda is a region that has been recently urbanised, and as a result of this and its superb location, it attract ex pats from all over the world who want to be close  to the superb beaches and take advantage of the location  almost exactly halfway between Marbella and Fuengirola. This means that the beaches can sometimes be busy, but they never feel overcrowded.

5.   Malaga’s Playa Capobino

Ready to drop the bathing suit and head to the beach wearing nothing but your birthday suit instead? Then Malaga’s Playa Capobino is the perfect destination for you. Located in stunning sand dunes and conveniently situated between Marbella and Fuengirola, this nudist beach is a world away from the tacky tourist attraction you might expect. It is simply a place for people to admire the incredible sea views, and appreciate the sensation of the sun on every part of their body. You may even find that once you’ve enjoyed swimming in the sea in the nude, you never want to put your bathing suit back on again!

6.   Cadiz’s Playa de Bolonia

Much of the coastline in Andalucia is now dominated by high rise hotels, tourist attractions, and resorts. Whilst we’re not opposed to tourism  and the many benefits it brings, it can occasionally have a negative impact on the delicate ecosystem of the coastline. However this is not true of the Playa de Bolonia. It maintains its pristine, white-sand beaches and these leads to waters so turquoise that they are considered an attraction in their own right. If you’re looking to escape the tourism of the coast and appreciate the Spain of a bygone age then this is the beach for you.

7.   Malaga’s Nikki Beach

You’ve probably already heard of Malaga’s Nikki Beach, which is so much more than just a beach: it’s also a beach club and a resort. This stunning stretch of beach is best known for both its crystal-clear waters as well as its busy events schedule. So, if you’re looking to combine your beach time with some high-octane activities then this is the place for you. As you can imagine, a visit to this luxury beach is chargeable: expect to pay as much as 300 euros for a day lounging on one of the resorts stunning leather beach loungers.

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