An Introduction to Spanish Wine

If you were to list all of the great reasons to live in Spain then it’s likely that you would mention the year-round sunshine, the friendly people, and the beautiful beaches. But, if you haven’t already considered it,  then the wine should also be high up on the list of benefits of living in Spain. Thanks to the climate, Spain is a land of extraordinarily good quality wines. And the Spanish know everything there is to know about drinking it!

Want to join their elusive club? Here’s everything you need to know about Spanish wine, and how to drink it:

The Spanish Wine Industry

Spain is the third largest wine producer in the world (With France in first place and Italy in second place) and it has a larger percentage of the country under vine than any other country in the world, with over 2.9 million acres covered. However some of these vines are old and, in combination with the arid climate, that means that the yields per vine tend to be smaller. No matter where you are living or visiting in Spain, it’s likely that you will find a local wine to enjoy, as people in the country have been doing for generations. Spain has been supplying the world with some of the most delicious and interesting wines since the Roman Empire, where it took pride in its position as a consistent wine supplier to the senators of Rome.

No doubt thanks to the popularity of sangria, when they think of Spanish wine, most people think of full bodied red wine. But Spanish is also well known for its sparkling white Cava, and its selection of Sherries should also not be overlooked.

The Most Famous Spanish Wine Regions

Although there are 17 autonomous regions in Spain, when it comes to producing wine there are six main regions that you need to know about. These regions are: Upper Ebro, Catalunya, Galicia, Meseta, Levant and the Duero Valley. The most internationally famous Spanish wine is Rioja, which resides in the Upper Ebro. The other Spanish ‘big wine’ comes from Catalunya: Cava may have lost some of its popularity slightly thanks to the rise of Prosecco, especially in the UK, but it still remains an incredibly popular wine both in Spain and in the rest of the world. On the subject of white wine, much of Spain faces very arid conditions throughout the year (the perfect conditions for growing red wine) however the damp climate of the Galicia region in the North West of the country makes it ideal for producing Albarino, a famous name for Spanish white wine.

The good news is that it is more than possible to find a Spanish wine to suit any budget. From surprisingly drinkable table wines to expensive and elegant wines, you will find them all manufactured in the country.

Innovation in Spanish Wine

The Spanish wine industry is going through an exciting time right now. Both big and small, its 70 regions are full of dynamic, talented winemakers and the output from this hard work is truly delicious. In fact, innovation is so advanced of other countries that in 2018, Spain delivered the first blue wine to the market! Even French wine stores (a notoriously insular market) are now choosing to carry Spanish wines: and their customers are buying them, increasing their popularity on a global scale.What’s more because the output of excellent, artisan wine is so high, the prices are incredibly affordable. It is surely one of the main advantages of choosing to live in Spain! Although it sounds inconceivable to someone paying much higher prices for a bottle of wine (particularly someone who has lived in the USA or Northern Europe where alcohol is subject to high levels of taxation), it is more than possible to secure a bottle of decent, very drinkable wine from just 4 euros whilst you’re living in Spain. And if that isn’t an incentive to up sticks and move to join us, I really don’t know what is!

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