Is Alhaurin el Grande a Good Place to Live?

Alhaurin el Grande is a wonderful place to live. It is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to live a traditional way of life in a beautiful countryside location without feeling the need to live right on the sea. It’s not a tourist destination but a thriving working town, meaning that it offers a more authentically Spanish way of live that many ex pats find incredibly desirable.

Alhaurin el Grande boasts all of the amenities you’ll need to live your everyday life without leaving the town. You’ll find offices and cash points for all of the main Spanish banks in the town, British paper shops, a modern medical centre that offers both GP services and an accident and emergency department, as well as a recently opened hospital that is within easy reach of the town. You’ll also find several large supermarkets, and smaller independent shops such as bakeries, greengrocers and butchers. The traditional Spanish way of life of visiting local shops where everyone knows your name, and has time to chat and smile, is very much alive here.

If you’re thinking of moving to Alhaurin el Grande with your young family then you will find a whopping 15 state run primary schools and 2 state run secondary schools in the town. Whilst there are no private schools or international schools in Alhaurin el Grande, if you are looking for this kind of education then you will find a range of popular options in the surrounding towns that are easily accessible.

Where Is Alhaurin El Grande?

Alhaurin El Grande is located in the mountains and offers incredible views of both the countryside and majestic mountain scenery. Set away from the hustle and bustle of the Costa del Sol’s main holiday resorts, you will find a warm and friendly traditional Spanish welcome here.

Alhaurin El Grande is located 20km back from the coastline of the Costa del Sol and 30km to the west of Malaga airport. Alhaurin el Grande is set slightly further inland than its slightly more well-known sister town Alhaurin de la Torre. The two towns are around 15km apart.

Alhaurin El Grande sits behind the Sierra de Mijas mountain range and this makes it more remote than its sister town. In terms of neighbouring areas, around 25km to the east you will find La Colina, a suburb of Torremolinos. Around 20km to the west you will find the coastal town of Fuengirola. Its excellent road infrastructure means that Alhaurin El Grande is well connected to Malaga, Marbella, Mijas, Coin, Sierra de la Nieves and Monda.

Weather in Alhaurin El Grande

Alhaurin El Grande, like the rest of the Costa del Sol, benefits from year-round sunshine. The temperatures peak in August when average temperatures reach 29 degrees Celsius, and drop to highs of 15 degrees Celsius during the month of January. The rain in the area falls mostly in the winter, but the winters are not cold in the way that you would find in other European countries.

In summary, in Alhaurin El Grande you will find summers that are warm and arid, boasting beautiful clear skies whilst the winters are colder, more prone to high winds and partially cloudy.

Things To Do In Alhaurin El Grande

Alhaurin El Grande has something to offer everyone. If you’re a golf enthusiast then Lauro Golf is the nearest golf course to the town. This 27 hole course was designed by Falco Nardi and is not only an excellent course but also one of the most reasonably priced on the Costa del Sol. As well as the carefully planned course, it is the scenery here that attracts golf fans from around the country.

Other popular things to do in Alhaurin El Grande include visiting the public sports centre which boasts an indoor pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds and sports halls. You will also find several private gyms and sports clubs in the town. The town boasts a modern theatre which holds regular performances and concerts, and football fans will be pleased to know that the local football club, Los Alhaurinos, are well-supported and regularly hold family friendly events.

Families hoping to move to the area are attracted by the beautiful park in the centre of town; this beautiful green space boasts streams, a man made waterfall and excellent scenery. You’ll also find playgrounds perfect for enticing any child.

Restaurants And Eating Out

Finally, Alhaurin el Grande is well-known for the range and quality of its restaurant scene. You’ll find plenty of high end restaurants, tapas bars and cafes in the town, Many of the bars will offers free tapas dishes when you purchase a small beer, which is a great way to experience these traditional Spanish dishes.

There are two halves of Alhaurin el Grande: the old town and the new town. Within the new town you will find a traditional ‘strip’ of bars and restaurants and this is the best place to be if you want a big or lively night out, or to enjoy Spanish or world cuisine. The old town is quieter, and is better known for its daytime cafes and bars.