Is Alhaurin de la Torre a Good Place to Live?

Alhaurin de la Torre is a great place to live, because it has plenty to offer in terms of amenities and natural environments. Alhaurín de la Torre (frequently referred to as simply Alhaurín) boasts close to 40,000 inhabitants but it still maintains its village-like feel. Despite being a town with a large high street, plenty of bars and restaurants, and all the other facilities that ex-pats might look for, you feel like you’re living in the heart of the countryside when you’re living in Alhaurin de la Torre.

Lovers of the great outdoors will be pleased to know that both fields and mountains surround the town, and it is an excellent area to go hiking or walking.

The town boasts large numbers of ex-pats and has a thriving ex-pat community, but its Spanish heritage and influence is still incredibly important here. The local residents are welcoming and friendly and there are many ferias and local events hosted throughout the year, which are great places to immerge yourself in the community and learn a little more about the Spanish culture in the place you choose to live too. Cultural events in the town range from the popular Medieval fair, concerts, art exhibitions, and the local cultural centre is open throughout the year for both locals and visitors to enjoy too.

Perhaps the best thing about living in Alhaurin de la Torre though is location, location, location! This is one of the most appealing elements of the town for many newly arriving ex-pats. Alhaurin de la Torre is not a coastal town, but it is just 15--20 minutes away from the beaches of Torremolinos and around the same distance from the centre of Malaga and all of the sights and attractions that this larger city has to offer.

Is Alhaurin De La Torre Close to the Sea?

Alhaurin De La Torre is located just 10 kilometres from the beaches at Torremolinos. That means that it’s easy to head to the sea if you fancy a beach day, but you get all the benefits of inland living, including lower number of tourists during the busy summer months.

Things to Do in Alhaurin De La Torre

Alhaurin De La Torre is an ancient town that goes back to prehistoric times. It was known as Albarracin when it was conquered by the Moors and then later renamed Lauro Vetus by the Romans. The first Christian settlers in the town arrived in 1571, and it was at this point that the population of Alhaurin De La Torre began to increase rapidly.

The main attraction in Alhaurin De La Torre is the Jardin Oriental Bienquierido (which is translated to mean the Japanese Garden). This is a small but well-kept example of Japanese garden art is free to entry and is a wonderful place to meet friends and relax.

Horse lovers will find an excellent equestrian centre in the town, and the foothills surrounding Alhaurin de la Torre are a great place for horse riding (or pony riding for younger visitors).

Alhaurin De La Torre attracts golf fans from across the region, thanks to its excellent golf course. Lauro Golf is surrounded by the region’s beautiful natural countryside and incorporates this into the course layout. The course consists of 27 holes and has a par of 72. This course is popular with tourists and local residents alike and is a great place to meet other golf enthusiasts in the area.

History fans may be interested to know that Alhaurín de la Torre is home to the Carta Arqueológica. This is a list of archaeological sites that have been approved by the council as being of particular interest. This is a fun place to learn more about this fascinating town and is also a great way to meet other local history enthusiasts too.

Alhaurin De La Torre Restaurants and Nightlife

For a relatively small town, Alhaurin de la Torre boasts a surprisingly lively nightlife. It is typically Andalusian in style, meaning that bars open late and close late, and that everyone seems to know each other in the many low-key bars and restaurants. These places are friendly, inexpensive, and full of life, making them the perfect place to get to know Alhaurin de la Torre. Some of the best restaurants in the town include:

-Cienfuegos: A warm and relaxed restaurant with a modern interior serving Mediterranean and Spanish dishes.

- Infinity Gastrobar: Considered the best Spanish restaurant in Alhaurin de la Torre. The food is good, and the beer is great.

- Restaurante Al Limon: Specialising in Moroccan dishes, the atmosphere here is cosy and the staff are energetic. The pasteles, bastilla and chicken pies all have a great reputation.

If you’re looking for something a little more urban or want a big night out where you can dress up to the nines, then Malaga’s larger and more metropolitan attractions are close by. Not too far away is Marbella, the playground of the rich and famous, where you can enjoy Michelin star dining and some of the most exclusive bars and clubs in Spain.