7 Practical Tips to Plan the Perfect Spanish Honeymoon

The average couple spends around five thousand pounds on their honeymoon. But are they getting the most for their money?

Spain is known for its incredible weather, flavorful food, and kind people. Planning a Spanish honeymoon is a great way to have a trip you'll remember forever.

But, if you don't take the right steps when you're planning your trip, you could end up with more of a headache than a honeymoon. Read on for five of the things you can do to set yourselves up for the trip of your dreams.

1. Hire a Car Service for the Airport

If you head to your honeymoon straight from your wedding, you're sure to be exhausted by the time you arrive in Spain. Consider hiring a car service to pick you up at the airport.

While it's possible to find a taxi or rent a car, you'll be much more relaxed knowing your ride is planned. Start your trip off on the right note.

2. Give Yourself Time to Rest When You Arrive

Most honeymooning couples visiting Spain like to rest for a day or two when they arrive. Spain has a very relaxed and laid-back culture.

Take some time to lay on the beach, swim in a refreshing pool, or visit a spa before you begin exploring the history of the city. By easing into your trip like this, you'll feel more absorbed in your vacation.

3. Visit a Variety of Cities

When you fly to Spain, you will probably come to Madrid, Barcelona, or Seville. Each of these cities is incredibly unique and has its own flavors, scents, activities, and atmosphere.

But don't forget to visit the smaller coastal cities and historic gems like Pamplona. No two towns in Spain are alike.

4. Consider Hiring a Guide for Your Spanish Honeymoon

Since many people in Spain speak English, you probably won't need a tour guide to get around the city or purchase goods and meals. But hiring a Spanish guide is about more than just basic communication.

Your guide will take you to the places that your friends and family couldn't recommend to you because they don't know about them.

Your guide will make you feel like you have relatives in town and give you only the best recommendations. In addition, they can help you understand things about the Spanish culture, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your trip.

5. Take a Tapas Tour

Tapas are the primary way Spanish people eat. These small meals are excellent for sharing with a table and packed with flavor.

To ensure you get a full taste of Spain, consider taking a tapas tour of one of the cities you visit. These tours are organised by locals in the area that know the most iconic and delicious places to eat as well as what to order.

Your guide will expose you to all the flavors of Spain and give you a host of recommendations for dining during the rest of your stay.

Once You Fall in Love With Spain

Once you go on your Spanish honeymoon, you're sure to fall in love with Spain. From the bustling big cities to the quaint coastal towns, this paradise has everything you need to have the romantic vacation of your dreams.

In fact, you may love it so much that you don't want to leave. Check out some of our property listings and make your stay permanent.