5 Unusual (But Amazing!) Things to Do in Malaga, Spain

Tourism in Spain is booming. In 2018, the country welcomed a record-breaking 82.6 million international visitors.

Malaga, Spain is known for its luxurious resorts and its breathtaking beaches. We can't deny that these are awesome reasons to visit and/or move to Spain. But sometimes, you want to spend the day doing something a little more unconventional.

To help you get the most out of your experience in Spain, we've compiled a short list of five unusual (but amazing) things to do in Malaga.

Things to Do in Malaga

Malaga has a ton of things to do, from taste-testing to sight-seeing. With so many options, it can actually get a little overwhelming.

These select points of interest are sure to keep you busy for a few days while exposing you to the rich culture in Malaga.

1. Tour Alcazaba

If you're looking to have some fun and learn at the same time, you can't pass up a tour of the Malaga Alcabaza.

This historical site is an important monument in Spain. It was originally meant to act as a fortification for the palace. Historians say it may have been built as long ago as 1057.

While visiting, you can also see the remnants of a Roman theatre!

2. Explore the Nerja Caves

The Cuevas de Nerja are a series of caverns located in Malaga. These extensive caves, stretching for three miles, are home to the world's largest stalagmite.

The caverns have also been the site of many archaeological findings, including Neanderthal cave paintings.

If you visit at the right time, you might even be able to catch a concert. One of the chambers acts a natural amphitheatre, so it is often used as a venue for music and dance festivals.

3. Visit the Picasso Museum

The Picasso Museum is a museum appropriately located in Malaga, where the artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso grew up. It features almost 300 works of art, all donated by members of Picasso's family.

The location, the Palacio de Buenavista, is a historical site in itself, dating back to the 16th century. 

Check the "Hours & Admissions" page for information on fees and hours depending on the time of year.

4. See the Plaza de Toros

The Plaza de Toros, also known as La Malagueta, is a bullfighting arena dating back to the late 1870s. More recently, it has been declared both a Historic-Artistic Monument and an Official Site of Cultural Interest.

5. Shop at the Atarazanas Market

The Atarazanas Market was originally a shipyard but has since been used for many other purposes, including a hospital. Today, the space is considered to be one of the most beautiful, fragrant, and delicious markets in Spain.

Inside, you'll find bright produce, fresh fish, and whatever else you might need to cook a delicious meal.

If you're not big on cooking, no worries! Atarazanas Market is also home to several bars and places to eat authentic Spanish cuisine like tapas.

Is Malaga Right for You?

If all of this sounds appealing to you, then we encourage you to make the trip! Everyone should experience the captivating things to do in Malaga.

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