4 Great Malaga Restaurants You Have to Try

You've probably heard about the beauty of Malaga, but has anyone told you that the cuisine there is some of the best in the world?

If you fancy yourself a foodie, you need to bump Malaga to the top of your to-try list in a hurry. From quaint breakfast places to deep-fried almuerzo to the famous El Pimpi, there's a cuisine for every mood in Malaga.

Keep reading for the best five Malaga restaurants, whether you're in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

La Recova

First stop: breakfast. Malague?os aren't big breakfast eaters, so don't expect any big brunch spots there. Read: wean yourself off the pancakes now, people.

La Recova, a quaint little bar near the San Juan Church, is the perfect small breakfast spot. With burlap coffee sacks hanging from the ceiling and kitschy art adorning the walls, it feels like you're in a local's living room. The restaurant is surrounded by little antique shops, too, so you can get some early morning shopping in!

The menu is super limited, which is in line with all of Spain's minimal breakfast custom. The thing to get here is the spread platter. It's five different spreads, some sweet, some salt, served with toast to spread them on.

If you're a big breakfast eater, order the zurrapa. It's a rich, ground meat spread that'll add substance to your breakfast.

They also serve coffee, so it's pretty much a one-stop morning spot!

Cafe con Libros

Looking for a quiet, late-afternoon place to grab a coffee and a snack and read a book? Cafe con Libros is your best bet.

The walls are covered in books for you to borrow, and there are plenty of free newspapers to peruse as well. They feature a small light-lunch type menu with salads, crepes, and spinach tarts to pair with your latte.

This spot is artsy, bohemian, and relaxing. Duck in Cafe con Libros for a little afternoon reset.

El Cabra

El Cabra is hands down one of the best places to eat in Malaga. How do we know? Because it's always packed with locals, of course!

At lunchtime, head outside of the city centre to this seaside chiringuito for some divinely fresh seafood. Feel the breeze off the water in your hair as you feast on paella and sip sangria.

Pro tip: order the espetos de sardinas. It's a skewer of five or so fresh sardines, and it's killer. Make sure to only order these in the summer months, though; that's when they're freshest.

El Pimpi

El Pimpi is one of the top restaurants in Malaga among tourists and locals alike, and with good reason. Hosted in an 18th-century Spanish house, it's become a cultural destination in Malaga. Dine in one of El Pimpi's many themed rooms, or enjoy dinner on the terrace.

Make sure to catch a flamenco night, which the restaurant hosts weekly. It's said to be some of the best flamenco in Malaga. Many famous visitors have also signed their name on wine barrels there; look out for Antonio Banderas' and the Picasso family's signatures.

On the menu, you'll find lots of Spanish classics, along with some of the best ham and wine in the country!

Enjoy Malaga Restaurants

Has this list got you longing to eat like a true Malagueño? At all these Malaga restaurants? It's only a hop, skip, and a jump away! Now that you know where to eat in Malaga, your itinerary should already be halfway full!

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