2019 is the Year to Move to Costa del Sol

A second home is a symbol of financial success. 

Having a holiday home gives you, your family, and close friends a place to escape the daily grind.

But where? Consider beautiful Costa Del Sol in the southern Spanish Province of Malaga.

Life in Malaga is like nowhere else on Earth, and Costa Del Sol events are must-have experiences. Week-long parties and festivals abound in this seaside paradise.

The time to buy in Costa Del Sol is now, with the market on the rise and developers building for the influx of second home buyers.

The Time to Buy Is Now

There's never been a time like the present to invest in a holiday or second home in the south of Spain.

The area is recovering from the last global financial crisis. with prices rising almost six percent in the past year, the market shows no signs of slowing down.

At the height of the market in 2005, the percentage of Britons and other UK residents was 57%.

The collapse made those with second homes sell off their assets. Now that the buyer's market is now on the rebound, Costa Del Sol is steadily gaining on the numbers seen at height of the economy.

And developers are building with Britons in mind. New homes are being built with modern sensibilities, sporting neutral colours and open-concept floor plans.

The Best Costa Del Sol Events

Costa Del Sol has a rich, vibrant flavour all its own that will make your investment truly feel like a second home.

What's there to do in Costa Del Sol? Almost anything you want.

The Holy Week

The Holy Week, or Semana Santa, shuts down Spain from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

A constant parade floods the streets of Costa Del Sol. Floats sport images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary and brass bands fill the air with lively music.

Holy Week celebrations in Malaga are among the best in all of Spain and Costa Del Sol locals are expected to participate in the festivities.

Malaga residents often assist the processions. Walking alongside the parade carrying candles or crosses is a good way for first-timers to get involved.

Even for the non-religious, Semana Santa is something newcomers to Costa Del Sol owe it to themselves to experience.

The August Fair in Malaga

The Spanish love a week-long celebration.

Less intense than Semana Santa but no less fun, the August Fair is actually split into two separate festivals. The feria de dia takes place in the day at the heart of the city while the feria de noche occurs just outside city borders at night.

The fair begins with a traditional speech and fireworks that kick off the celebration. Dressing up throughout the festivities is highly encouraged, especially for women and girls.

Locals take a lot of pride in their elaborate costumes. Britons moving to the area will definitely want to participate.

While the Holy Week holds deep, spiritual meaning for the Spanish, the August Fair is an all out party.

Your Future Home is Waiting

It's time to invest in your second home. Costa Del Sol is a growing market in the south of Spain that will never be as affordable it is right now.

We have a fantastic selection of second homes, beachfront properties, and luxury villas.

And with Costa Del Sol events year-round to let you soak in the local flavour, you might just reconsider going back home.