10 Things You Should Know About Owning Beachfront Property

Living on the beach is one of life's highest luxuries. It's a goal that many aspire to.

You can't find better beaches anywhere in the world than in Mijas Costa. The area really comes alive in the warmer months, with more and more people flocking there each summer. It's an amazing place for a second home, located on the south shore of Spain. With beautiful weather and even more beautiful beaches, it's a perfect location for your next big adventure in life.

If you are interested in beachfront property in Mijas Costa, however, there's a number of things you should be aware of ahead of time. Owning beachfront property comes with a number of responsibilities and things to be aware of: we'll go over ten of them below.

1. Inspect Bulkheads Prior To Purchase

A bulkhead is a wall or barrier that separates water from the property. Once you purchase property, upkeep of these bulkheads will likely fall under your domain.

It can be vital, then, to properly inspect and judge these bulkheads prior to purchasing the property. You will likely want to hire a bulkhead specialist to inspect existing bulkheads and also to recommend where some may be needed.

2. Be Aware of Beach Erosion

A lot of beachfront property owners are so excited to live off the water that they forget to think in terms of the very long term. If you're hoping to hold onto your beachfront property through many decades, beach erosion is something you'll want to keep in mind.

This is especially important when planning to purchase an off-plan home. Over the course of many, many years, the geographic structure of the land your potential home sits on and the area around it may look different than it does today. Research local geographic information and make sure you know how erosion due to wind and waves can affect your land in the years and years to come.

3. Flood Insurance

A view of the water from your living room is better than almost anything. A view of the water IN your living room, however, is less pleasing.

Even though the odds of a flood at your home are fairly small, it can be worth to invest in flood insurance. If a flood does occur, the damages can be unwieldy and expensive. Flood insurance can set you back a few hundred dollars a year, but the peace of mind will be well worth it.

4. Meet Your Neighbours

No one will know the area you plan to move into better than your new potential neighbours.

If you feel comfortable, taking the time to pop in next door after you tour a property can give you a wealth of personalized information you couldn't find anywhere else. If your neighbours love their home, the neighbourhood, and all that comes with it, you likely will too. Making a friendly connection off the bat can also start to establish a wonderful sense of community in your new neighbourhood.

5. Get Acquainted With Responsibilities

There's a very good chance that your new home is part of a homeowner or property's association. If this is the case, you'll need to acquaint yourself with certain responsibilities that are expected of you as members of the community.

A number of rules and guidelines may exist, including ones that outline what colors you can paint your home, where you can and cannot install fences and other barriers, and other such things. Different HOAs have different restrictions, so make sure to read up before you agree to join.

6. Check For Proper Permits

A mistake many first-time beachside homeowners make is not doing their due diligence when it comes to any docks or waterside extensions to their property. Many homebuyers make the mistake of assuming that all adjacent docks are okay to use, but there's a chance they may not be properly or legally permitted.

Doing your homework and ensuring these areas are open to your use under the legal eye of the law can save you a lot of trouble later on.

7. Consider Professional Management

Beach homes are an incredibly valuable investment. Prime beachfront property can hold an immense value that you can even pass on to your children and children's children.

This is why many homeowners hire professional management for their properties on a year-round basis. Beachside properties need a number of maintenance tasks taken care of, and many of these needs may occur in the months you're away from the house. A management company can take care of your home and protect your investment so that it retains its value for the decades to come.

8. Roofs and Walls

The wear and tear that occurs on beachside houses are different from that which occurs in homes that are located more inland.

Beachside houses are particularly susceptible to wall and roof damage to the strong winds and heavy rain found off the shores. Salt air also can more easily corrode metal frames and railings. Extra maintenance and care will need to be taken.

9. Rules On The Water

Outside of the rules of your neighborhood, you'll also want to familiarize yourself with what you are and aren't allowed to do out on the water.

You're moving to a beachfront property so you can enjoy the water, of course. So the last thing you want is to find out you can't partake in exactly the opportunities that had you so excited to begin with. It would be a shame to lug your jet ski all the way out to Mijas Costa only to find out your area prohibits its use. Do your research beforehand!

10. Check In On Utilities

Many of us city slickers take for granted that utilities will be set up and easy to access wherever we go. In more rural areas, this isn't always the situation.

If your prospective beach home is a bit more off the beaten path, you should take the extra step and inquire fully about access to various utilities. Sometimes setting up the water, electricity, and other needs will require special steps that you will want to know about beforehand.

Preparing For A Beachfront Property In Mijas Costa

Owning a beachfront property in Mijas Costa is a true luxury and an amazing investment opportunity. With the proper knowledge on your side, you can enjoy your beach getaway and take in the best that life has to offer.

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