10 Spanish Phrases to Make Your Time in Spain More Enjoyable

In 2018, approximately 18.5 million British citizens visited Spain, making them the country’s main tourists.

Planning for a vacation or buying a property in Spain?

Well, one of the first things you’ll need to do is learn how to speak Spanish. It still helps to be able to hold some basic conversations in the language if you plan to stay in the country for a brief period.

Here are some Spanish phrases that you’ll find quite useful.

1. Me llamo

The phrase translates to “My name is” in English.

When travelling to a foreign country, meeting new people is one of the most interesting parts of the experience. You’ll want to introduce yourself to them with ease.

That’s where this simple Spanish phrase comes in handy.

2. Quiero Practicar Mi Español

In case you already have some elementary skills in Spanish and would like to practice them as you interact with the locals, then you can use this phrase. It translates to “I want to practise my Spanish” and alerts the person you’re conversing with that you’re not an expert in the language.

3. ¿Cuánto Cuesta?

Inevitably, you’ll need to purchase something during your stay in Spain such as souvenirs or clothes. And, this is one of the Spanish phrases you can use to find out the price of the item you’re buying.

It translates to “How much does this cost? 

4. No Comprendo

This is one of the Spanish sentences you’ll use more than once during your stay in the country. It translates to “I don’t understand.”

When conversing with a local in Spanish and don’t understand something they’re saying, alert them using the phrase so that they can convey their message in a more understandable manner.

5. ¿Me Podrías Recomendar Un Restaurante?

The phrase is used to inquire for restaurant recommendations. An exciting part of exploring a new country is sampling cuisines you haven’t tried before. A local may be able to recommend the most authentic dining experience in town.

6. ¿Me Puede Traer La Cuenta, Por Favor?

It features a lot in Spanish conversation for beginners. The phrase translates to “Can you bring me the check, please?” Once you’ve had a delicious meal and are eager to explore the nightlife elsewhere in town, it can save you from waiting for the check too long.

7. Creo Que Eres Mi Alma Gemela

So, you’ve met a gorgeous stranger who doesn’t speak a word in English and have fallen in love instantly. This phrase, which translates to “I think you’re my soulmate,” is a perfect way to communicate your feelings.

8. ¿Dónde Está El Baño?

Some Spanish expressions like this one can prove very useful when you want to relieve yourself. The phrase translates to “Where’s the bathroom?”

You don’t want to get into trouble for relieving yourself on the sand while on the beach. 

9. ¿Cómo Puedo Llegar a?

If you’re visiting Spain for the first time, navigating from one place to the next can be a challenge. This phrase, which translates to “How do I get to,” can save you from the nightmare of getting lost in an unfamiliar city.

10. Ser Pan Comido

This is one of the Spanish sayings that’ll make you instantly sound like you are a native speaker. It translates to “a piece of cake.”

Make sure that you get the context right when using Spanish colloquial expressions.

Final Thoughts on Spanish Phrases

Before visiting Spain, it’s important to learn essential Spanish phrases that’ll help make your stay smooth.

These phrases will not only help you interact with the residents, especially realtors, better but also could save you from potentially distressing dangers.

Talk to us today for solutions tailored just for you if you’re visiting the country with the intention to rent or buy a property.